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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wild Cub - Colour (Lost Kings Remix)

Lost Kings‘ releases have slowly but surely garnished them some well deserved limelight. Their keen knack for pumping out vocal dominant remixes is truly evident in their latest remix of Wild Cub’s ‘Colour,‘ where the duo takes the original’s stunning vocals and jacks up the energy with a melodic lead line that will leave you star struck. The track’s arrangement leaves all the attention focused on the vocal lines, allowing the pulsing synths to seem that much more explosive when the vocals fade out and the drop pounds its way into the forefront. While the drops are jam packed with melodic energy which makes it perfect for any dance floor setting, the tune’s direct attention to the vocals throughout the tracks entirety make it an ideal tune for almost any other listening environment. Grab yourself a copy and prepare for the rise of the kings.

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